The Art of Alignment Program

The Art of Alignment
Carmela Ramaglia

This program is changing my whole life!

If you have ever struggled with body image or weight loss/gain/loss you HAVE to meet this woman!

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Sustainable Weight Loss is not a Simple Science – it is an Art
Get the Skills and Tools You Need to Become a Master!



Welcome to the Art of Alignment Information Page!

Here is all the information you need to know about the Art of Alignment Programimportant things, like the price! (I HATE those never-ending “sales pages” where you have to scroll forever to get any real information…)

This Art of Alignment Program is $197 – and here’s why you should keep reading…

Yes, $197 is significant – and that’s a good thing. This program has the potential to change your life – but only if you engage with it and take it seriously. And, when you consider everything that is included in this program, you will appreciate the incredible value (and return) for your relatively small investment.


Art of Alignment Program


The Art of Alignment Program is a digital, home study, streaming video class that covers the core, foundational principles of the Happy Calories Happy Exercise® approach. The seven videos contained in this program provide the mindset shifts, skills and tools you need to create a body – AND a life you love. You already have all of the pieces of the weight loss puzzle,  The Art of Alignment program teaches you how to put them together in a way that provides sustainable results!




Summary of Video Topics:

Video 1: The Fundamental Flaw of the Diet and Exercise Model
Video 2: An Illustration of How the “Missing Element” May Influence Results
Video 3: Magic vs Miracles – How the Law of Attraction Can Keep You Stuck
Video 4: The “Critical Key” for Sustainable Weight Loss and Wellbeing
Video 5: An Explanation of “Your Thoughts Create Your Reality”
Video 6: Your Relationship With Your Body – Obstacles and Tools to Overcome Them
Video 7: Putting It All Together – A Client Case Study


The Happy Calories Cafe
And while the program content is self-study, you are never alone! This course includes a 3-month membership in the Happy Calories Café ($149 value). The Café is our innovative Group Coaching Program. It offers a 24/7 Q&A Forum that I regularly frequent. If you have a question, simply post it on the forum. You can expect my personal reply – generally within 24 hours! You can also ask your questions live during one of our monthly group Q&A hangouts. And if you need a quick pick-me-up, you can explore the library of archived Q&A calls. Plus, if you need additional support, as a Café member you receive a 20% savings off a Personal Coaching Session with me!

The Art of Alignment Program is the best introduction to the life-changing benefits of the Happy Calories Happy Exercise® approach.

You can start feeling better about your body and yourself right now. You can learn how to find peace and freedom around food and your body. You can learn how to eat food you enjoy. You can learn how to create happiness on your path to creating a body AND a life you love!






Wishing you happiness! 

Love, Carmela

5 Stars

5 out of 5 stars!

Carmela’s approach is truly revolutionary. She puts forth a new paradigm that not only makes sense, it works!

Dana~ Dana Lightman, PhD
Author, Power Optimism