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Carmela Ramaglia

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Love you Carmela! Thanks for being a beacon of light, reason
AND practical application!‬

Elisheva Herrera‪

Do you prefer an approach with more personal connection and support? While the Happy Calories Café provides a tremendous opportunity for individual support, it is a group coaching environment. If you prefer a format for addressing your questions, needs and concerns privately, perhaps Personal Coaching is for you.

Carmela Work With Me CoachingCoaching sessions are provided via phone or Skype, and a variety of appointment times are available. Two types of Personal Coaching programs are available: Coaching à la Carte and Monthly Coaching


Coaching à la Carte:

Coaching à la Carte can best be described as “drop in” coaching. This program works well if you’re seeking to supplement the Happy Calories Café (with our without a home study program) with some confidential, personal attention. This approach is helpful if you simply occasionally need a bit more help addressing a specific situation or concern or a safe place to release some stuck energy.


Monthly Coaching:

Monthly Coaching works well if you want to replace the services provided in a group environment by the Happy Calories Café. The monthly coaching program includes 4 private calls (one call each week) and unlimited email support.


Coaching Fees:

Coaching à la Carte Single Session: $225
Coaching à la Carte Pack of 4 Sessions: $800
Monthly Coaching Program: $997


All coaching programs are subject to the Coaching Policies available here: Coaching Policies

If you’d like to discuss your situation more – or enroll in a coaching program – simply use the Discovery Session form.

Wishing you happiness! 

Love, Carmela


Carmela, once again, your ability to make sense of all this and
communicate it so clearly is such a blessing…thank you!‬

~ Linda Davie