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If you have ever struggled with body image or weight loss/gain/loss you HAVE to meet this woman!

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Carmela Work With Me NBMMWelcome to the New Body Mind Makeover Information Page!

You’ll notice that I didn’t call this a “sales page.” You know… those internet pages that go on forever and you have to scroll down the “rabbit hole” just to find a price… I HATE those. So I’m not going to create them!

And… I’m going to do something outrageous! I’m going to tell you the price first!!

The New Body Mind Makeover program is $997. And now I’m going to tell you why you should keep reading…

First off, yes $997 is indeed a lot of money – but it is not THAT much in the grand scheme of things. It’s the same price as a monthly massage or facial. And is it actually LESS than a daily double tall, extra hot, skinny vanilla latte. Not to mention what you’ve already spent on your weight and body drama… the diet programs like Weight-Watchers, Jenny Craig or Nutri-System, the gym memberships, personal trainers, and boot camps, the diet pills and nutritional supplements, the life coaches, therapists and healers, and all those clothes that never seem to fit. The New Body Mind Makeover is truly a screaming deal for getting your life back.

Yes, you heard me – getting your life back. Or if – like me – you started down this path very early in life, you’ll finally get to have a life! You’ll learn how to eat food you enjoy, move your body in ways that feel good to you – AND get resultsAND have them last!

Unlike all of the other programs out there in the weight-loss and wellness industry, The New Body Mind Makeover addresses – and heals – the underlying causes of your pain and dysfunction. It teaches you how to create – and maintain – results on your terms.



The New Body Mind Makeover is a revolutionary program – both in content – AND in the delivery format. The content of the program is provided through a series of audio cds (and downloadable mp3s) and a workbook. Unlike the self-help workbooks you can get on Amazon, you won’t be able to simply skim and skip through the exercises to quickly discover “my point” or “that thing you don’t already know.” This program is designed so that it is actually experienced. It was conceived to be a “virtual retreat” where you can allow yourself to participate in your transformation.

Because the audio and workbook portions of the program can be done in the privacy of your own home – and at your own pace – you have the potential for a deeper exploration and healing than you might if you attended a seminar with a bunch of strangers.



And although the audio and workbook portions are self-study, you are never alone! A year-long membership of group coaching in the Happy Calories Café is included with the New Body Mind Makeover (a $597 value)! Through the Café, you have direct access to me 24/7 through the Q&A forum. I will guide you and support you through every step of the process. You will also enjoy community and support through our monthly Happy Hour Hangouts via Skype. And if you just need a little perspective, you can explore the archives of Q&A calls in the Café library. Plus, as a Café member, you will receive a 20% savings off a Private Coaching Session with me!


You already have all of the pieces of the weight loss puzzle. Let the New Body Mind Makeover help you put them together in a way that provides sustainable results!

You can start feeling better about your body and yourself right now. You can learn how to find peace and freedom around food and your body. You can learn how to eat food you enjoy. You can learn how to create happiness on your path to creating a body AND a life you love!


1-payment-997     4-payments-297Guarantee


Wishing you happiness! 

Love, Carmela



5 Stars

5 out of 5 stars!

Carmela’s approach is truly revolutionary. She puts forth a new paradigm that not only makes sense, it works!

Dana~ Dana Lightman, PhD
Author, Power Optimism